Exercising for Health

If you ask most people why they exercise the answer will be the same……to lose weight! Now although exercise will help you to lose weight this is not the only reason you should do it. There are in fact many reasons why it is important to include at least 30 mins of exercise into your routine 4-5 times per week.

Being fit and active means you have more energy throughout your day to day life. You become more productive and alert, suffer less tiredness and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Just think about what a difference that would make to your day? Including even 20minutes of exercise can boost your energy levels meaning you’d smash through that to do list and still be firing on all cylinders without even noticing a dent in your free time.

Being Stronger and more flexible means you are less susceptible to aches and pains, and particularly less likely to suffer with back pain. Back pain is one of the most common causes of workplace absence and the old advice to sit and do nothing with a bad pain has now been overtaken with new thinking that advises a controlled exercise regime to help alleviate back pain. Although you should seek advice from your doctor and an exercise professional before embarking on a new exercise regime if you have existing back pain. Also, maintaining strength and flexibility into old age maintains your joint range of motion and helps to keep you mobile well into your pensionable years. Clearly something my local cycle group knew early on, I’m always being overtaken by those pesky pensioners on their top of the range road bikes!

Numerous studies have shown that exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer. Eating a healthy diet free of processed foods can also help massively with this, but that’s for another day!

Exercise increases your bone density which in turn can prevent the onset of Osteoporosis, particularly in women. Once women hit the grand old age of 30 (not old at all i know!) bone density begins to decrease, however regular exercise particularly the humble brisk walk has been shown to aid bone density thus preventing the likelihood of Osteoporosis in later life.

Exercise increases serotonin, the happy hormone! This means it is a great aid in helping to deal with depression and anxiety. They don’t call it runner’s high for nothing! Again even just a short workout can boost your mood, if you don’t feel like doing it just promise yourself you will just do 10mins and I bet 9 times out of 10 you will carry on for 20-30mins and feel great afterwards.

So whether you want to lose weight or not, there are so many other reasons why it is important to stay fit and active you have no excuse! Try just a brisk walk, a short jog, a bike ride with the kids it all helps and you can be safe in the knowledge you are doing your best to maintain your health.