Exercise for Weight Loss

So it has been in the news recently that exercise won’t help us fight obesity but cutting sugar and carbohydrates will – erm welcome to the party BBC my NS-PT posse have known this for ages now!

You see the thing is, we did already know this-all those people in the gym doing the same thing week in week out not getting any thinner knew this! Or maybe they don’t because apparently it’s news.

So there you have it exercise alone won’t make you lose weight!

Unless someone is severely obese and sedentary in which case taking up exercise will help to start weight loss, if your diet doesn’t come up to scratch you are not going to lose any weight.

Now I know in it’s basic form it does come down to calories in calories out, so burning calories with exercise will have an effect but if you are putting those calories back in particularly with sugar it won’t help you lose lbs.

So you are thinking, great I can sack the gym off and just eat less and all will be well. Not exactly…………………….

Firstly exercise has been shown to ward off many things from

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • dementia
  • some cancers
  • as well as a mood booster for those suffering with depression.

Keeping your body active as you age will help to stave off Osteoporosis.

Maintaining fitness and flexibility will prevent falls and also keep you more mobile. So it should still be an essential part of your lifestyle.

In terms of weight loss or body composition exercise is still worth a look in. Exercise increases your metabolic rate so your body will burn more calories i.e means you can eat more! It will also help you to build muscle, which again means your body is burning more calories even when your sat watching the tv!

It will also change your body’s shape. More muscles will make you look more firm and toned, and ladies forget the body building image, building some muscle will give you killer curves. (Like a bum you can bounce a ball off-Nicki Minaj move outta my way!)

So ok, I’m not gonna lie to you, you really can’t out run a bad diet-I tried trust me! But if you get your nutrition right and I will refer you to my earlier statement – It’s sugar and carbs you need to quit(I mean the processed ones like bread, pizza, doughnuts, not fruit and veg) then exercising alongside will speed the process up and will also give you a banging body along the way not just a skinny one.