Dieting Mind Tricks

Following on from last week’s mindset newsletter, I’m going to stick with the theme but this week more closely related to how our mind works around diet and weight loss.

I read an interesting study in which one group of participants were given a 380 Calorie milkshake and told it was either a 640 calorie milkshake or a 140 calorie milkshake. The levels of Ghrelin (the hormone that tells you when you are hungry) were tested – Before whilst reading (the misleading) label, whilst drinking and after drinking the milkshake.

Now remember everyone has had the same milkshake it is just their perception of the calorie content that is different.

Those that thought it was a 140 calorie milkshake showed a fairly flat Ghrelin response, whereas those that thought it was the more indulgent 640 calorie milkshake showed a steeper decline in Ghrelin-meaning they were more satiated and not hungry. Interesting……

“The study therefore concluded that the effect of food consumption on ghrelin may be psychologically mediated, and mind-set meaningfully affects physiological responses to food.”

So, in the real world obviously it would be quite difficult to lie to yourself about that “indulgent lettuce” and I’m sure you have all had that feeling when you’ve eaten a low calorie cake and still had a cake craving afterwards……………………… you eat more of them……………….

Whereas if you have the full fat cake and really enjoy it, you still say in your head “ooh I could eat that again” but you tend not to because you’ve already subconsciously told yourself that you’ve had enough cake (like Enough cake is a thing…..sniggers). Or think of it this way, when you drink really good wine, you tend to savour it, enjoy the flavour and therefore drink less whereas if your cracking open the Blossom Hill (c’mon I know you’ve all done it) well let’s just say you don’t really savour that so much.

So once again it appears I’m telling you to eat all the cake, drink all the wine………………….but what I’m actually saying is eat food you are going to be really satisfied with and enjoy eating. If you force yourself to eat “diet” food that you don’t enjoy your head will keep telling you to seek out more food until it eats something you enjoy and is therefore satisfied.

So Eat less of More Taste, not Eat more of Less Taste. Your brain knows what you’re up to and it isn’t fooled.


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