Forming Good Habits

The key to successful weight loss and long term health is establishing healthy habits. That is things to aid your health and/or weight loss that you do every day as part of your ongoing lifestyle.

Unfortunately maintaining these healthy habits can be the toughest part of our journey.

So how do we make them stick?

Firstly don’t take on 10 new habits all at once. Pick one new healthy habit just a small one and achieve it daily. This could be anything from aiming to drink 2 litres of water, eating protein at every meal or doing something active every day. 

Plan how you will achieve this new habit. Will there be a trigger to perform it like waking up, leaving work etc. Or will you need to set a reminder on your phone, leave a note out etc. To make it a habit you need to have a trigger to make you perform it.

Plan how you will overcome obstacles, who will support you and what is your motivation for this habit. It can sometimes be useful to have someone hold you accountable, whether that be a friend or family member or a coach. There are also some great forums and online groups that you can share your journey with other people with similar goals. This can give you a sense of accountability but also support.

How will you log this habit? You could use an app on your phone (there is literally an app for everything including how much water you drink) or you could print out a chart on your wall.

Stick to this new habit for 30 days. Hopefully after that it will actually be a habit! This is when you can add in another habit

Reward yourself for achieving your new habit every day for a month. However make sure the reward doesn’t counteract the habit i.e. don’t reward yourself for staying off chocolate for 30 days with a big bar of chocolate! I rewarded myself with new workout/work clothes for losing a stone on my weight loss journey, and I also have rewards planned for the next half stone mark and the next full stone mark. None of the rewards are food related though!

Be open to adjusting your habit if you feel it isn’t sustainable long term. There is no failure in deciding that 20 mins exercise every day is more manageable than an hour. It has to work for you long term. Just tweak the goal and keep sticking to it day in day out for 30 days.

So in 30 days’ time you could have a whole new healthy habit…………………………what is yours going to be? Let me know!

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