Time Saving Tips

One of things people say to me the most when asked why they aren’t meeting their health and fitness goals is lack of time. So I’ve put together some time saving tips to make things easier.

  • Batch cooking healthy meals really is a time saver. It can take less than an hour to make a huge pot of soup, chilli, casserole or homemade curries and you can store individual portions in the freezer for evenings when you are short on time.
  • On the same note, pre chopping fruit and veg into portions and freezing can be used either for evening meals or your morning smoothie. Just whizz and go!
  • We prepare our lunches for the week ahead in batches. It takes around the same time to prepare 4 chickens, four lots of vegetables etc as it does to prepare one lot. We also do this with breakfast sometimes too. Mr A has overnight oats that can be prepared in a weekly batch and stored in the fridge, or we do a tray of omelette muffins. It means we do one big cook off at the start of the week and then don’t have to worry about it until the weekend.
  • Set out everything you need in the evening for the following morning. I set out my clothes, lunches are prepared already and sometimes I put all the ingredients in the blender in the fridge ready to whizz up my smoothie the next morning. Mr A puts his coffee and coconut oil in his travel mug too! It makes your mornings much quicker and stops you rushing out without breakfast or lunch and picking up something less healthy
  • Plan your meals ahead. I know it sounds really boring but I promise once you get into the swing of it it’s really easy. We sit down on a Thursday night plan our meals from Saturday to the following Friday, write a shopping list and then do our shop in line. If we are on form (read not both tired, hungry, grumpy and therefore likely to bicker about the colour of peppers to order) it only takes around 20mins.
  • Start to use your slow cooker. You can just pop the ingredients in and leave it for several hours and let it work its magic. It’s basically like you didn’t cook at all!
  • If your budget allows there are now loads of companies that will deliver healthy meals to you. Companies like HelloFresh deliver you the ingredients and recipe cards to make healthy meals from scratch or if you don’t even want to cook someone like Mealtek will deliver will deliver it ready prepared you just have to heat it up! No it’s not cheap but if you already spend a lot on takeaway during the week you won’t be far off the same price but will be investing in your health.
  • Using pre prepared ingredients like frozen veg, tinned beans and pulses, microwave rice,cous cous etc is not a bad thing. Yes some of them may have some additives but if you are more likely to use these as part of your healthy eating regime than order a pizza or reach for the oven chips then I really think it’s worthwhile. Yes, I will never outgrow ready brek instead of stirring my porridge from scratch, sometimes we use microwave rice and cous cous from a packet- I await my death from such slackness…………………..
  • On a similar note if your budget allows buy ready chopped veg if you want to! Yes it’s much cheaper to buy it whole and chop it yourself but if you are time poor it’s a great time saver. Again if it helps you eat healthier then it’s worth the extra cost.
  • A workout doesn’t have to be an hour long. Just 15 minutes a day will help to keep you fit. In fact HIIT training every day for just 15 mins could improve your fitness. There are also loads of apps that will plan the workouts for you. Chloe Madeleys is really good for the ladies (yes she from Richard and Judy!) and Mens Health do 15 min MP3 workouts for the guys.

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