Following a conversation I had with someone last week I have been thinking about all of the external toxins we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis.

Now I’m not going to turn this into an ‘avoid all toxins’ blog as in reality that is impossible and not really necessary. However I do think it is important to at least limit our exposure. Although none of the things mentioned are harmful in any way on their own, when you consider the constant drip feeding of chemicals we are actually exposed to quite a lot. Many of these chemicals when we are exposed to them at a low dose consistently have been shown to upset many peoples endocrine systems i.e hormone balance.

So what kinds of toxins am I talking about?

Firstly there is air pollution and in reality unless you move to the Outer Hebrides you’re kinda stuck with that. Although not taking your daily run down the side of the M6 might be something to consider!

Then there are the chemical pollutions we expose ourselves to all day. We use a variety of products from the moment we get up -toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, face wash, moisturiser, deodorant, make up…………….then to the products we use to clean our homes- bleach, washing up liquid, washing powder and air freshener……….

Now I just don’t think it is practical to go pure and organic on all of these things unless you really want to. But as you run out of say face wash why not replace it with an organic brand. I use Organic Surge which is fairly competitive with most high street brands. Sanex is also pretty good in terms of ingredients.  Pick just one or two things you will go less chemical/ more organic with otherwise it will become overwhelming – and probably really expensive.

For cleaning products ECover are available in most supermarkets although I use a Hemp based product from Dr Bronner (I buy it in TK Maxx) that has a huge list of uses from soap, to toilet cleaner and I use it in our bathroom and it is genuinely better than the standard bathroom cleaner. And as you dilute it, it is really cost effective -or maybe I just don’t clean that much……..

If you have one of those plug in air fresheners, maybe have a look what’s in it and see if you can find a purer version.

Water bottles are a bit of a bug bear of mine. Bottled water more often than not comes in bottles that have BPAs. BPAs can leach from the plastic and essentially disrupt our endocrine system particularly in women. The best way to prevent this is to avoid re-using these bottles and instead buy a water bottle that is either stainless steel or glass, or BPA free.

Also avoiding microwaving things in plastic tubs – I am so guilty of this!

As I have mentioned before our food can potentially contain a myriad of chemicals. The thing is it isn’t just packaged food that can contain chemicals. Our fruit, veg and grains will have been sprayed whilst growing to prevent pests from destroying them. Our meat, dairy and eggs will have been fed food that may contain chemicals (organic livestock food is extremely rare trust me I’ve looked,) Unfortunately this means we may also be getting a dose. Not necessarily a high dose but a very low one over and over again. For most people the cost of organic food is out of the question and that’s fine.

It has been suggested that washing fruit and veg may help, particularly those without skins on -apples, berries, broccoli etc. Or maybe just pick one item you will buy organic like just your fruit?

Now you may have read this and just though OMG I’m off to cover myself in a protective suit and staying away from food, water, washing….

Like I said earlier, this isn’t a ‘avoid all chemicals’ rant, just to get you thinking about how you could limit them a little.

So maybe just pick one thing or one area.

Say your face products and change those. Or maybe you will just change your washing up liquid?

You could buy yourself a BPA free water bottle and switch to organic carrots.

Just do a little change and see how you go. 

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