Treat the Cause not the Problem

In my job I see and speak to a lot of people who have various injuries and health issues. I also see a lot of people who take a concoction of pills daily to “deal” with these ailments.

Problem solved you think!

But in reality most prescribed medicines are just masking the problem not actually treating the cause.

Think of your body like a car. Your car will signal a warning light when something is wrong. If your oil tank is leaking you can duct tape over the hole and it will solve the problem for a while (don’t actually do this!) but this doesn’t make the problem go away it just masks it for a while. In order to fix the problem you have to locate and deal with it-i.e. you’ve got to fix the hole!

So, if you have symptoms of something wrong in your body that could be anything from high blood pressure, back pain or something less identifiable like fatigue look for the cause of the problem not the mask to cover it.

I see a lot of people with back pain who are given various pain relief methods by their doctors, yet these never work long term-in fact you’re lucky if they work at all! Why are we not treating the thing that’s causing the back pain?

This also happens with things like blood pressure and diabetes. Instead of having a proper look at our nutrition and lifestyle we just take the pills that essentially just delay the onset of the more serious symptoms like macular degeneration and loss of blood supply to the feet. Why is that seen as the easier option?

Being blind or losing a foot doesn’t sound easy?

Nor does living with continually crippling back pain becoming more immobile seem like an easier option than some daily exercise.

Part of me wants to say that our health system is to blame and that Dr’s should be giving this advice instead of pills but really WE are in charge of our health.

So many people do not want to invest in their own health.

But you are not those people!

So if you have a movement problem, go and see a specialist physio, biomechanics coach, osteopath chiropractor etc. Try different kinds of exercise. Swimming is great if you struggle to weight bear as just walking in water can help to get you moving back on dry land. Try yoga, Pilates, Thai chai or walking and try it more than once! You won’t be healed overnight and it might feel uncomfortable at first. But I promise you even the regular exercisers find new stuff makes them sore the first time.

If you have issues with blood pressure, fatigue, acid reflux ……whatever it may be first sort out your diet fill it with fresh, real food. Look for patterns as to whether symptoms are better or worse after certain foods (Dairy, Gluten, Grains and members of the nightshade family are potentially inflammatory foods in some people).

If you are still struggling look for nutrition professional that deals with these issues on a regular basis.

I’m not saying never go to the Doctors but think twice before you start accepting the pills whether you could actually improve your lifestyle and regain your health rather than sticking a patch over that hole in your oil tank.

Take responsibility and invest in your own health, take control of your diet, stay active and treat the cause of the problem instead of putting tablets over the symptoms.

If you need some help to point you in the right direction then just drop me an email.


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