Staying Level

I often get asked by people why certain muscles get tight, restricted or underused and the answer is simply “life”. That is our everyday actions and habits that we do over and over again usually in the same way each time.

Think about what some of those actions might be. You brush your teeth with your right hand, drink your coffee with your right hand, you carry your bag on your right shoulder and then perhaps you have one of those curved desks that makes you sit to the right?

Then you perhaps drive your car hunched over the steering wheel, you sit at a desk hunched over the keyboard and then you clean the bathroom hunched over……………….

Do you see what’s happening here? You repeat the same action with the same muscles time and time again, even though the activities themselves maybe different the way in which you use your body is not.

Obviously for different people these repetitive actions will be different but they are essentially the same-repetitive actions.

This can then present itself in numerous ways in your body.

· Restriction can occur in the overused side due to tension
· Restriction can be present in the underused side –which prevents it from performing correctly at all
· Soreness in the over used side –because well tired and over used.
· Soreness in the underused side, often due it being weak and therefore struggling with any load/work at all

There lots of other weird and wonderful ways that overuse can present itself in the body (the human continues to delight, surprise and baffle me!) but these are the most common issues I see.

Depending on the severity of the imbalance depends on how much treatment in terms of physical therapy, rehabilitation exercise etc. is required but a really simple way to help yourself with this is to change up the way you do things.

So, let’s try over the next week or so to do things with your opposite hand! Try brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand.

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