Unfold Your Sports Posture

Last week we did a little foam rolling on the lower body.

Now I want to look at using little physio balls, hockey, tennis whatever balls to release restrictions. 

I find whatever sport people play/take part in most of it will result in a shortening of the chest. 

A Golfer closes here as part of the initial stance, a cyclist spends their time forward over the bike and a tired runner can definitely be prone to slouching. Add to this the fact that most of us then spend a lot of our time hunched over desks, laptops, phones etc. 

That’s a lot of time shortening the muscles at the front of the chest. 

As a result of this the muscles at the back of the neck and shoulders become sore as they are constantly being stretched.

Whilst rolling and massaging these areas can help relieve the pain, in order to address the problem we need to release the shortening of the chest. 

I’m going to admit this looks super weird but I promise it works.

Either lying on your front or stood facing a wall put a ball in the front of your chest maybe approx an inch in from your arm pit. You can either just press down here or roll around a little to massage the area. Do this for a couple of minutes then change sides.

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