Mindful Training

When you are training for an event it can be all consuming looking at speed, heart rate etc.


Perhaps you run through your to do list, or mentally type emails during your training session.


Have you ever tried being more mindful during your training session. This is different from meditating as you are not aiming to be completely switched off from what your during in fact it’s the opposite as mindfulness means focusing on what you are doing and how it feels.


Using running as an example mindful running would mean setting out on your run and focusing on your breathing, then what your body feels like as it runs. How does you move? Do you feel stiff or relaxed? Are you running light on your feet or do your limbs feel heavy?


How do you place your feet? What are your arms doing, how is your posture?


As you’re noticing all this you don’t necessarily need to do anything to try and change it you just need to notice it.  Of course if you think you need to alter your posture do so and then see how different that feels.


This is just running for the feeling that running gives you rather than for time or fitness gains.


If you are training for an event this can be a difficult thing to do, so instead perhaps try it during your taper as this will give you a chance to really assess how your body is feeling pre race. Alternatively you could do it post race as you are just easing back into training and you can focus on how your body has recovered from your event. 


Mindfulness can be used during any exercise not just running so wh6 not give it a go and see how different your mind and body feels doing it.


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