Winter Training Goals

You may have noticed the nights have started to get a little darker, and although I’m not sure it ever properly stopped raining that rain has definitely gotten colder.


This means it might be time to bring your training indoors for the winter.


For most people this is also the end of the competition season, or at least the big competitions, so it’s time to reflect on the season just gone and look forward to improving for next year.


What does that mean for your winter training schedule?


For most people this is a great time to focus on your strength and conditioning training and deal with any niggles.


Most niggles come about because of a weakness in a movement pattern, that is often repeated in your chosen sport.


Have a think about repetitive movement patterns in your sport, what do you do with your muscles to make it happen?  


Which bits of your body do you think struggle with this the most?


This is a great time to put a plan in place to strengthen those weak areas,  or if you aren’t sure book yourself in for a movement assessment (with me!) to identify any areas might need some extra work.


Perhaps you need to get faster, which means you need to get stronger and generate more power. Dedicating some time over winter to power training will have you raring to go next season.


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