Gain Speed Over Winter

Now we’re into looking at your winter training let’s have a look at some ideas of what you could be including to help you improve your performance for the next season.


One of the most common goals is to be faster. To be faster you need your muscles to generate more power which means you need to be stronger because Power=Strength at Speed.


So you need to get stronger then you need to use that strength to do things fast.


A great strength exercise that I think should be every athletes programme is the Deadlift. Deadlifts although predominantly thought of as a glute and leg exercise, are also a huge back and shoulder exercise. They really work the entire body. This is because you need your shoulders to retract, your hands to maintain grip and stability on the bar as your core engages, the hips drive forward as the legs contract to standing and the back helps to control the position as it lifts. 


The Deadlift can also be manipulated to achieve slightly different things.


I would always say to use it to build strength first so programme at least 6-8 weeks of focusing on heavy deadlifting, aiming to increase weight where appropriate and possibly in the 5 x 5 rep range. 


After this though with your solid foundation of strength you can add power, which remember is strength at speed. So instead of increasing the weight instead increase the speed of your lift. Make sure you still go on quality form but instead of a steady lift up and down set yourself up then rip the bar up fast and explosive each time. You can make the descent slow still help you re set your form each time or if you’re fairly experienced you can lift and drop in one fast movement. 


This technique can also be applied to Squats. So you would start with a foundation of increasing strength/weights in the squat then move to a period of fast squats really dropping under then powering your legs back up each time. 


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