Plyometrics for Power

Last week we looked at improving your strength for performance this week let’s look at some plyometrics to improve your explosive power. 

Plyometrics improve power, speed, as well as your ability to absorb impact, which in laymans terms means your bodies ability to repeatedly hit the tarmac during a run and remain unscathed. This improves your movement economy I.e you use less energy to produce the same power output… you can go for longer (stop it lads…..)

Plyometrics also improve flexibility and stability (we all know how much I love stability!) which again assists in injury prevention. 

So, where to start?

Squat Jumps, Tuck Jumps and Long Jumps


A starting point of a squat, jumping up and landing back into a squat, progress to lifting the knees and heels and then change it up with adding distance instead of height. 

These are all basic plyometrics that over time can be made harder by adding speed, height, length and intensity.

Box jumps -similar to the squat and tuck jump but with the added challenge of landing on a surface. This obviously challenges stability too! Again this can be made more difficult by making the box higher or perhaps narrower -eeeekkk!

Lunge Jumps- This challenges stability and co ordination. To make it more difficult you could add more height or speed.

So off you go bounce like tiggers to improve your power output……boing!!!

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