Move Your Core

No matter what your sport in fact just for general day to day life a well functioning core will make things a lot easier.

A stable middle supports your spine so can help to prevent back pain, in terms of sports performance being able to maintain a good position whether that is running, cycling, golf etc. Makes you a more efficient athlete. This means you can spend more energy on power and speed rather than just holding yourself up. 

In terms of core training I imagine the first thing that comes to mind is Plank which is a great start but ask yourself how often you use your core in a completely static position? I’d say 9/10 you are also moving at least one limb.

So it makes sense to train your core whilst moving a limb too!

Here’s some variations of plank that require some limb movement too.

Mountain Climber.

Not the fast high bum ones often seen as bootcamp but maintaining a flat back, hips staying low bring alternate knees to the elbow. Done slow this is purely core, done fast maintaining form this is also a great running drill.

T Plank.

This also challenges your shoulder stability. The aim is to go from a solid plank to a straight diagonal line side plank dip all under control……

Opposite Arm and Leg lift.

This can be done either by lifting the arm and leg to the side or by lifting them straight up. You want your torso to stay as still as possible without too much tipping and of course keeping a flat back.

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