Fitness Testing

How do you know whether you are improving your fitness? 


If you do a particular sport you might base it on whether your competition results improve, but surely if you are looking to improve your results you want to know if you’ve improved before you get to the competition?


Do you ever assess what your strengths and weaknesses are? What you could have done better at that competition?


Why not have an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses and make a dedicated plan to improving on those weaknesses.


If you do a particular sport doing a specific fitness test could be a good measure.


For example.


As a runner you may do a Bleep test (I’m still psychologically scarred by this from school!) or a timed distance run such as 1 mile.


A Golfer may look at mobility and stability patterns, or your power output by looking at things such as a Vertical jump test and Seated Medicine Ball throws. 


It’s just a matter of looking at your particular sport and ways to test its main requirements.


Or maybe you want a look at your movement as a whole, in which case I offer Biomechanics and movement assessments that can do just that! We can have a look at restrictions, instability and “funky” movement patterns that may be hindering your performance. 

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