Pilates for Athletes

Now you’re probably taking more of your training sessions indoors it might be time to change things up a little. As I’ve previously mentioned now is a good time to address injury niggles, muscle imbalances etc. So they that are not going to stop you hitting your PB in 2020.

Enter Pilates.

Joseph Pilates developed his method of exercise after working in hospital rehabilitating soldiers during the war. The system was then taken on by dancers to reduce injuries and thus followed studios and the gaining popularity that it has today. 

So why Pilates? In short Pilates builds balanced bodies.

It can be used to correct postural imbalances and/or poor posture which in turn can help to prevent injury. That’s why athletes have been using it for years, most famously Andy Murray uses it as part of his training regime.

It can be used to address overuse of certain patterns by encouraging you to perform more rounded movement patterns that create balance throughout the body. For example if you’re sport is one side dominant like racquet sports spending some time moving the body symmetrically can undo any potential repetitive strain injury.

It can be used to address your particular injury issues such as hip and back pain, shoulder tension or foot pain.

It can be used to compliment your existing training as a lower impact option whilst still training muscles required for your sport.

For example Pilates works a lot of the deep core muscles which provide a solid base from which to emit power such as throwing a ball, swinging a golf club etc or to remain stable whilst other limbs work which is vital for runners,swimmers , horse riders.

It can also Increase flexibility which in turn can aid in injury prevention.

Many of the exercises require coordination and body awareness which will improve aspects of most sports.

Pilates also works on breathing technique, which can be useful for weight training sessions, during long training sessions and in downtime to help calm the mind.

So here are a couple of exercises to work breathing, coordination and your core. Remember technique is key-5 good ones is better than 10 rubbish ones.


Toe Drop and Dead Bug


Bridge March


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