Yoga for Sports

Last week I talked about the benefits of Pilates so this week I want to look at Yoga, Many people assume they are the same but they are in fact very different. 


Yoga tends to focus more on relaxation and lengthening of muscles however there are so many different kinds of yoga and not all of them strictly follow this brief.


I teach Sports Yoga which is essentially adapting yoga to assist and complement the demands of any particular sport.


This means it will focus on lengthening muscles that may get tight/shortened and strengthening muscles that will aid performance.


Yoga is great for improving general movement and balance throughout the body whether geared towards your sport or not. A common theme of most sports is they will follow a repetitive pattern which over time causes over use of some muscles and in turn under use of others. Unfortunately this is bad news for the overall function of your body, so it is really important to try and re address the balance to give yourself the best chance of avoiding injury.


You don’t need to spend hours doing yoga for it to be effective, just doing a few minutes a couple of times per week is enough to iron out all those kinks.


Here’s a short flow you can do in less than 10 minutes keep you in tip top balance.

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