Why stop what’s working?

Remember when you decided to sort out that problem with your back and you went to a Pilates class and it worked. Then you stopped going………. and the problem came back? The same applies to Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage etc…..we do them to fix our problem and then when we feel great for a few weeks/months we stop doing it.

The same goes for diets and fitness regimes. You eat well, exercise consistently, feel amazing; then you stop. You eat rubbish, don’t train and begin to feel tired, sluggish and bloated. 

Why do we do this??? 

A couple of things. 

Once there is no pain point-whether that is actual pain or feeling overweight, unfit etc we can lose the motivation forgetting it was this journey that made us feel so good. 

Following on from that is the commitment to a lifestyle change at the outset. 

If your current lifestyle is causing you a problem then you need to make permanent changes to solve the problem long term. This is why I always question people who go on restrictive diets or mad exercise regimes that take over their lives. It may work for now, but will you still be doing this in 3,6,12 months? If you’re not it’s highly likely your original problem will still be there.

This is something to think about as we start looking towards the new year and how we might want 2020 to go for us. 

If you’ve found a way of dealing with a problem this year, ask yourself whether it’s sustainable as a lifestyle change and if it is stick with it. That may be exercising 3 times per week or having a Sports Massage every month. Whatever it is, if it works and is sustainable stick with it. If it’s not sustainable found something that is.


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