Why should we lift weights?

I think many people assume that the aim of lifting weights is to build big muscles. Which of course lifting weights can help you do but there are so many other benefits that I believe we should all be doing it.

Lifting weights can help to preserve bone density which starts to decline in  at around 30. Keeping your bones strong can help to ward off Osteoporosis in later life. Women in particular are at high risk of this.

Muscle mass also begins to decline as we age, which makes it really important that we try and maintain (and in fact build) it as we get older.

Following on from that lifting weights and therefore being stronger as a result improves balance, and has been scientifically proven time and time again to improve posture, prevent aches and pains, manage injuries and make daily tasks seem easier.

Lifting weights helps the body to metabolise glucose meaning it can be very beneficial in managing Insulin levels which is of particular importance to those experiencing Pre Diabetes or already Type 2 Diabetes.

This metabolising of Glucose also means your body is burning more fat when at rest, which is great for helping to maintain and indeed lose weight.

Generally as lifting weights regularly makes you stronger it makes your body better able to cope with the demands placed on it day to day which in turn means you feel more energised and less prone to injury, add to that health benefits of warding off diabetes, age related illness and weight gain and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s time to get under that barbell!




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