Have you thought about Streaking?

Have you thought about streaking?

Ok, calm down not that kind of streaking!

I mean an exercise streak where you pledge to do some sort of exercise everyday for a certain length of time. For example running every day for a month.

Many people say doing this keeps their motivation high and therefore maintains their exercise habit. Of course it also massively improves their fitness. It could be anything from running a mile, to cycling or maybe a combination of exercises throughout the week.

There are some drawbacks that ultimately depend on your own body. For instance if you’re new to exercise setting out to do an hour a day may be too much and you’ll wind up inured and demotivated. Also true if you are prone to niggly injuries (like me!). 

That’s not to say you can’t do streaking…….it’s just you may need to pick the activity carefully or mix it up a bit.

For example maybe 20-30mins of activity everyday which can be anything from a run, weights session, walk, swim or yoga may be a better option as the intensity can be varied to help your body recover. 

I do try to incorporate this into my life in that even if it’s just a quick dog walk I’ve done something that day and I always feel better for it.

So why not give streaking a go!

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