Nutritionist Liverpool


      In order to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals NS-PT will provide guidance to help you with your diet and nutrition.  Both of these are extremely important aspects and require as much attention as your personal training programme.

        As part of my personal fitness training, I will provide you with nutritional guidance, which will help you choose the perfect foods for clean eating.  Once you start on this journey trust me you will never want to return to bad eating habits!  As part of my programme you will be asked to complete a weekly food diary.  This will help you significantly, as I will be able to offer guidance if I feel you are eating the wrong foods to reach your fitness and health goals.

          As your diet has a huge impact on the way that you will feel both mentally and physically. Once you start clean eating and following my personal fitness training you will start to feel so much healthier and have far more energy for exercising, working and socialising!

            You also find that if you struggle with sleep your new eating and exercise routine will help combat your sleep issues.

              If you are looking to change your eating habits and want to reap the benefits of my personal knowledge of clean eating and personal fitness training then please give me a call


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