Personal Training

Personal Training carried out in my private studio located at WN8 9QP.

Do you want to :

  • Feel Fitter?
  • Be more flexible?
  • Have less aches and pains?
  • Improve your nutrition and/or lose weight?
  • Have more energy?


You want to feel more toned, lean and energetic.

You want to rid yourself of back pain and other general aches and pains you have just put down to “getting old”!

You want to lose weight but maybe you have already tried all the crazy diets and it turns out cutting out chocolate and wine isn’t for you?

NS-PT can help you!

I work with clients like you who don’t want to spend hours in the gym, but would like to feel fitter and better able to tackle daily life head on. I help them to add exercise into their lifestyle without it becoming a huge chore and teach them how to lose weight whilst still eating whatever they like.

Yes it will involve some changes, but how big or small those changes are depend on you and what you want to achieve. I treat each of my clients as individuals and there is no one size fits all approach to meeting your goals.

Want to come and have a chat about your goals and see if we can work together?

Give me a call on 07917681666 or send me an email to book your free consultation.

Personal Training Packages start at £120 per month for 1 session per week.







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