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      Yoga and Pilates have been used for many years as more gentle forms of exercise and also as a rehabilitation tool for back pain and many other injuries. They are predominantly done in a group exercise format and taught at a level that suits the majority proportion of the class. But what if you want something more specific?

        Nicola Stuart

Personal Trainer liverpool

        has been working with clients using a method of combined Yoga, Pilates and Bodyweight resistance to structure their sessions to meet their exact requirements. I have had great success in eliminating back pain, increasing flexibility and wellbeing. My clients have also lost weight without even a sniff of a treadmill!

          Have you had a stressful week but still want to workout? Then I can take you through some progressive stretching that will release tension, clear your mind and tone your muscles at the same time.

            Do you find that although you would like to lead a more active lifestyle the thought of putting yourself through a gruelling fitness regime after a long, tough day at work or with the kids makes you exhausted just thinking about it! What if I said there is another way? Although high intensity and weight training have their place they are not for everyone. If you are prone to suffering from extreme stress and exhaustion or find yourself constantly plagued by general aches and pains then a more gentle form of exercise may be the answer for you.

              Suffering with back pain from being sat at your desk for long hours? I can take you through a range of exercises to first relax and stretch your tight muscles and then strengthen your weak areas to improve your posture and banish your back pain for good.

                Nicola Stuart Personal Fitness Training sessions are conducted on a one to one basis, with couples or in small groups so that the session can be targeted to each participant’s requirements. We can carry out sessions either at your home or at

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                  If you feel Nicola Stuart Personal Trainer can help you with any fitness rehabilitation or you would like to try my Yoga, Pilates and bodyweight resistance sessions please get in touch



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