Sports Massage

Sports Massage Liverpool


      Are you suffering with a muscle strain or currently recovering from a muscle injury?  If so then a sports massage by Nicola Stuart

personal trainer

      can help alleviate your pains.    A sports massage is not only for athletes with sports injuries, everyone could benefit from a sports massage as it is excellent for all muscular aches and pains, for example in the back, neck or shoulders.  At some point in our lives almost everyone will suffer from some form of muscle pain.  This pain can be caused by doing everyday tasks, such as sitting at a computer, driving and gardening.  Also stress can be a major cause of muscular pain; a sports massage really can make a difference and help your overall mental and physical well-being.

        As a fully trained Sports Massage therapist NS-PT can provide you with a sports massage in your own home, by doing so you will feel the benefit more as you will not need to drive your car home.

          Benefits of a NS-PT Sports Massage

          • Speeds up recovery time
          • Increased movement & flexibility
          • Ease muscular aches & pains
          • Reduce pain
          • Reduces the risk of re-injury


            Do you live in Liverpool, Wirral and Cheshire areas and if you require in a Sports Massage to alleviate your aches and pains, please call Nicola Stuart Personal Trainer today to find out more information.  For Sports Massage Liverpool get in touch with NS-PT



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