But Everyone Will Stare

This week I was a speaker at an event that featured a Sports Psychologist. She discussed some things that stop people doing the things they want to do.

I see this a lot with my clients. In particular with having had home based clients for several years I have seen people that struggle to exercise because they are scared what other people will think if they see them. That’s everything from not wanting to go to the gym, running outside or even joining a group class. I get it, if you are feeling out of shape or if exercise is new to you then it can be pretty scary to step outside your comfort zone.

If you have never been to the gym, you imagine a place of ripped gym freaks all staring at out of shape no idea what you’re doing you.  Well for most gyms I’ve visited that is simply not the case. In fact people will not even notice you are there! Those ripped gym freaks are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror, and the other regular folk probably feel as self-conscious as you so they certainly aren’t judging you.

If you think you can’t exercise outside because people will stare just ask yourself how many times you have driven passed someone out for a run and mocked or belittled them for it??? Probably never ……………..or you are just not a nice person and you should probably address that. So if that’s what you want to do as part of your healthy lifestyle get out there and do it, and then be hugely disappointed by the lack of hecklers!

That group exercise class, in your head is full of super models with Olympic gymnast strength and flexibility. Have you ever been to a class like that? I’ve been to plenty of classes in my time and I can honestly say not one of them has been like that. They have just been filled with various different kinds of regular people, some like you, and yes some will be super fit but not the entire class-and the super fit ones……they don’t care what you are doing they are too focused on what they are doing. Everyone else is just trying to survive the event like you!

So, I hope you can see that the only person being negative about you exercising is you. Having a rational talk with yourself and looking at what is actually happening in the situation rather than what your emotional, self-conscious head tells you is happening is a good way to break down your own barriers. If not……..well my studio is pretty private so only you and I need know what goes on in there!

1% at a time

When we set goals or start new things they can often seem insurmountable.

Say you want to lose weight and improve your diet, you could completely overhaul everything overnight but in reality that is going to be incredible difficult and science has proven many times not sustainable.


If you live off cakes, biscuits and takeaway to suddenly switch to salad and fruit is going to be very very hard!.


However this doesn’t mean you will never be able to do these things, it just means you are going to have to make some changes and put in some hard work to help to get you there.


If you could change just one thing on week one say, drinking more water then that’s a great start. Yes the rest of your diet may be terrible but you have taken a positive step. Then on week two you change another habit, perhaps make your breakfast a healthier option and so on the cycle continues until over the course of the next few months your diet is unrecognisable from when you started out-but you didn’t make life difficult for yourself by trying to do everything at once-you kind of sneaked a healthy diet onto yourself.


Just aim to improve 1% at a time and those 1%’s will soon add up to make 100%, or I guess in a real diet and nutrition sense I should say 80% as chocolate, alcohol, take aways (or all of the above….) whatever your “vice” is still fine in moderation it just doesn’t make up the highest percentage of your diet.